Politicians and Accountability on Pandemic Oversights

Politicians and Accountability on Pandemic Oversights

Given our current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is urged to follow health and sanitation protocols to prevent the spread of the deadly virus.

However, while most of us had done our part, a good number of spectators had looked at our government officials, and politicians fail at this very task.

Earlier in this period, the government has failed to heed medical warnings and resulted in the late procurement of the needed supply of PPE or personal protective equipment. However, this was only the beginning.

The mishap that follows was the delayed border closure and swab testing for passengers on international flights. Because of these, the Federal government has proven to be a significant contributor to the rise of COVID-19 cases in Canada.

With all that said, people are now presenting these glaring truths to our government. In a chorus, Canadians call onto their leaders to acknowledge their blunders and take responsibility for these mishaps.

While our leaders are still putting in the effort, they have yet to release a statement to appease the disappointed masses.

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