Seniors and Aging Gracefully

Seniors and Aging Gracefully

Our elderly in long-term care and hospice facilities already have their struggles, and the situation just got bleaker with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Canada has been among the countries that put great value in their nursing care. So it is almost a reflex response for an independent commission in Ontario to investigate a rise of cases in long-term care facilities.

While this is ongoing, the best approach was to bring the elderly back into their homes where they can be individually cared for by their own families.

While the approach mentioned earlier may not apply to all cases, it should be implemented to competent older people who only need a reasonable amount of support. We urge the institutions to provide such support by employing transportation for groceries, medical appointments, and other personal errands.

Instead of herding them in overcrowded wards, we need a national strategy for our elderly and not just band-aid solutions.

That said, we foresee a more practical approach in budgeting if the resources available are appropriately allocated. We’re looking forward to these initiatives taking courses sooner than later.

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