Work Placement Programs Open More Employment Opportunities to Students

Work Placement Programs Open More Employment Opportunities to Students

Our best source of innovation and moldable potential lies in the young. Specifically, we’re looking at our high schoolers and post-secondary students. While they may lack experience, they make great employees because they are quicker to learn and more ambitious.

That said, the Government of Canada funded the Magnet Student Work Placement Program that incentivizes business owners by providing the young with employment opportunities.

Basically, what it entails is that employers are given more or less $7,500 when they hire and train students in their business.

How the project works is that they simply have to prepare a job posting online and then make it available for the candidates to apply. The rest of the process is pretty much the same as other companies. Also, the platform works as a hub for the supply and demand of jobs and workers.

Furthermore, this initiative doesn’t only give these students a diversified stream of income in these trying times. It also helps employers find potential and possibly absorb these new talents in the long run.

That said, if you have to join this work placement program, you can be a part of it at their website. This account will describe your affiliations, post job opportunities, and connect with students looking for work.

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